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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 21, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> breaking news from the maryland horse racing industry. the preakness has been left off the schedule for 2011. >> that is the second jewel in the triple crown. we are live at the race track where the racing commission met just a short time ago. >> this is a big deal. right now you would have to say that the preakness could be in jeopardy. every year, the racing commission has to approve the schedule for the next year. today, the track owner came in and made a proposal. it was opposed by a horse owners, and the racing commission would not approve the schedule. as of now, no racing is starting at midnight december 30th pairs. >> 4 track owners and the people that own, ride, training and
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care for resources, it is a battle for revenue in a declining industry. it is also tens of thousands of jobs and a way of life. >> it is something maryland had, and it is gone. >> this is our way of life. it is not only about the racetrack. it is about to hate people, the sikh people -- about the hay people, the feed people. >> the owner of a nearby casino has said he cannot operate anymore. >> it does not work anymore. >> this afternoon, at a meeting packed with horse people, the maryland horse racing commission was asked to approve the schedule for next year that guarantees horseracing only until after the profitable preakness.
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he is also asking for major financial concessions from the horse owners who did get a piece of the slot action. they say they cannot and will not agree. >> there is no future for maryland racing under the current leadership. [applause] >> as a matter of fact, several members of the commission said they want to get rid of the current ownership. not long after the meeting, governor martin o'malley issued a statement urging both sides to get back to the table to work out an agreement so that racing can move ahead. that does not happen, the state will pursue legal options. a lot of people here are urging the governor to exercise eminent domain, in other words to takeover the racetrack for the good of the industry. no word yet whether that will happen. >> thank you. we have more details on the preakness.
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the race is typically held the third saturday of may. it was first run in 1873, two years before in the kentucky derby. it is the second most attended horse race of the year, after the kentucky derby. we have an update on another breaking story. a woman with a gun entered an affiliate in charlotte, north carolina. we are told that the woman has been taken out of the television station. of the employees were evacuated. we do not know why the woman went inside. we will have more at 11:00. a terrorist threat leads to new concerns days before christmas. a package was left inside a car in rome. we are live with what might come next. >> next baby increased security around the globe. in places like -- next may be
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increased security around the globe. in places like paris, everyone is on alert. >> in atlanta, cargo going on planes is being put through extra and searching. >> we want to be aware of anything before it gets to an aircraft. >> you can never tell what they are going to bring through this day. >> a earlier today, a package with wires and potter was found on the subway in run -- wires and powder was found on a bus subway in rome. sources now say that targets include shopping centers, nightclubs and landmarks like the houses of parliament. the worry is widespread. just last week, an fbi bulletin went out to 18,000 law-
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enforcement agents here warning that the holiday season provides attractive opportunities for terrorists. >> the threat is real. it is different. it is constant. >> eric holder said that one of the biggest concerns is homegrown radicals. in the last 18 months, 50 americans have been charged with acts of terrorism. >> the charge has changed from -- the problem has changed from worrying about people coming here to people raised here. >> worries over a possible holiday attack have grown exponentially since last christmas when the so-called underwear bomber tried to blow up a plane over detroit. officials insist that as of now there is no specific threat this season. >> thank you. in this area, random bag inspections have begun. screeners swab bags and inspect
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them. it takes about a minute. multiple suspects were arrested this year in terror plot involving subways. >> news about the new arms control treaty with russia. the senators voted 67-28 in favor of the measure. this is part of a proxy vote for the final tally. the bill is a top international priority for president obama. a final vote is likely to be taken tomorrow. >> we remain on storm watch tonight. we are keeping watch on a system that might bring snow to the region on christmas. we are back in the weather center. >> it is starting to look like we might have a white christmas. "we're watching is an area of energy off the coast of california. that is going to bring more rain to them. they have too much already in california. this will head across the
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country in one form or another over the next few days. by friday night or saturday, it could potentially develop into a storm center along the east coast. what will it do? move off shore and just give us a glancing blow, or slow down and move up the coast potentially bringing heavier snow. we will keep an eye on it for you. it will be called overnight with 20-27 degree temperatures. we will have more coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> coming up at 6:00, the final tally. the census results are in. what they could mean for this region. >> a lawmaker once again -- wants to ban gays
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>> tonight, the d.c. medical examiner says a man who died outside a nightclub is the victim of homicide. he ruled that the death of ali mohammed was a combination of cardiac problems, alcohol intoxication, and restraint. he died after throwing a brick through a nightclub window.
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there is no hope for a bill designed to provide free health care -- in new hope for a bill designed to provide free health care for 9/11 responders. the bill has been in limbo since last thursday. the house passed the original bill. if a revised bill passes the senate, it will go back to the house for a vote. >> of a lawmaker in the virginia -- the governor of virginia is shooting down an attempt to ban gays from the national guard. he calls it a dead on arrival. >> we will not have one set of rules for the rest of military and another for the national guard. >> the federal appeal of don't
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ask don't tell past saturday. the guard is a military organization, and instituting the ban would be unconstitutional. >> coming up, what will happen to house seats after the latest census? >> and the complete forecast. >> the capitals are going for a winning streak tonight. and ali moham
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>> the population is moving south and west. >> the u.s. census bureau released those findings today. we report on what significant changes are on the way. >> the 2010 census results show who we are as americans and where we lived is changing. 308 million now call the country home, a growth of 9%, the slowest growth rate since the great depression. >> this is the first time since
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the great depression that the the west has become more popular than the midwest. >> michigan lost residents, well texas grew the fastest. texas will gain the most seats in the house of representatives, four. new york and ohio are losing two each. >> the trend is for growth in western and southern states, and for movement from the midwest and northeast states. since the 1940's, there has been a net shift of 79 seats to the southwest. >> much of the growth occurred in the republican leaning states, which would give that party an advantage in upcoming presidential elections. the gop should not be celebrating just yet. >> in the southern and western states, a lot of these states redraw lines but the department
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of justice has to sign off on it. >> these dates will also receive more than four hundred billion dollars in federal aid. >> halibut some warmer weather for us? >> it is a possibility -- how about some warmer weather for us? >> is a possibility. >> when will we know? >> we will know soon enough. this is a pretty clear shot from this morning. we have high clouds, and we will have a lot more of that in the overnight hours. it is 34 degrees right now. the high was 38. take a look a pass, 41 degrees was the official in reagan national airport.
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we are in the middle of the records. it has been as high as 68, as low as four. the mid-atlantic and northeast and great lakes have colder than average temperatures, but not bitterly so. what we are keeping an eye on is well out west. there is an area of energy spinning out here in the pacific ocean. there has been one storm after another making headlines. we heard earlier about the heavy rains in california. seven more inches now. for the next several days, this storm is going to contain itself in one way or another as an area moving and spinning in the atmosphere that will eventually regenerate in the carolinas. the perplexing situation is what is it going to do?
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well let slide off the coast, or will it intensified in slowdown and become a big storm, moving up the coast? that is a possibility too. there will probably be enough snow to cover the ground. will it impact traffic and be a big mess? we do not know, but that is our number one priority as we head towards christmas. this is is passing through north carolina now. potentially sunday is when we will have problems with the snow. partly sunny tomorrow, 37-41 degrees. on christmas day, a 50/50 chance of snow. some of that will continue through the day on sunday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward.
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>> donovan mcnabb has been quiet, but not today, right? >> not today. everyone expected to hear from him by this point, it is fair to say. up until now, donovan mcnabb has kept a low profile while his name remained in the headlines. today, the silence was broken. on a weekly radio show, he said he had to find out from the media that he was becoming the no. 3 quarterback. believe it or not, he wants to stay a redskin, but number five is not happy. >> it was awkward, somewhat disrespectful to me and to the team. i do not want to go anywhere. i love the fans here. i think we can do some good things here. >> you can hear and see more from the benched quarterback tonight on his show.
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-- brett farr's starting starting streak came to a close, it seemed like it might finally be time to retire. but he got back on the board, silencing many critics. he got in trouble in the second quarter. he was stopped and left the game with a concussion as possibly his last game ends on a sour note. >> do i regret playing? absolutely not. i wanted to play and i wanted to play well enough. i do not regret the decision. >> we do not often talk about the washington capitals having regular season trouble, but in eight game losing streak recently dropped them to third place in the southeastern
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division. coming back from a deficit, it was a tie game in the third until he slapped a rebound in for the game-winner. it still seems hard to believe that gilbert arenas is no longer at a wizard. he averaged a little more than 17 points per game for washington, but he was dismissed for his off the court antics. today, -- last night, he made his official debut note with the orlando magic. they lost to the atlanta hawks, but he seems to be finding a rhythm. he is wearing a new number. after the game, he talked about this time in washington. >> i gave them something that they did not have before. they came from nothing. i played hard.
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>> tonight, the yukon a women's basketball team is going for its 89th consecutive a win. that would top the all-time record from the famous ucla men's team. >>
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>> and updating our breaking story from the top of the hour, employees are in the process of
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returning to their jobs at a television station in charlotte after a woman entered the building and put a gun to a security guard's head. she has been taken into custody. the program is now back on the air. we will have another update at 11:00. >> the next seven days could be interesting. let's take a look. for tomorrow, partly cloudy. christmas eve, dry and partly cloudy. christmas day is looking more and more likely that there will be snow, but we are still having a 50/50 chance of getting a little bit or a lot. we will know more as the storm develops and intensifies. it looks like christmas day will be the action date. >> this is exciting. >> a lot of tension. >> abc seven world news is coming up next. >> have a good night.
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